Under the leadership of the director of the NN IEE, Oksana Vovk, and the head of the TU Dresden laboratory, WISSENSARCHITEKTUR Laboratory of Knowledge Architecture, Paul Stadelhofer, a working council was held to create joint applications for participation in the Horizon Europe U_CAN – Towards Ukrainian Carbon Neutral Cities project.
U_CAN – Towards Ukrainian Carbon Neutral Cities offers to help city regions, researchers, local authorities, businesses and community representatives in Ukraine in achieving the listed results. The project should meet the key objective of the European Climate Neutral and Smart Cities (CNSC) mission, presenting some of the mission cities as partners for experimental and innovation centers to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. It should also initiate connections along the lines of “twinning” as joint efforts between Ukrainian cities and other EU cities.
The goal of U_CAN is to create an interdisciplinary network of stakeholders to support the public, private and economic sectors of Ukrainian cities in the appropriate adaptation of initiatives to climate change. It proposes to bring together various EU partners with Ukrainian partner cities to support efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all areas of reconstruction, exchange best practices and create a knowledge exchange network to create synergies in the dialogue of climate protection initiatives in Ukraine.

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